“Julie shows a great deal of compassion, open-mindedness, innovative treatment [plans], excellent communication skills, and the ability to make patients the priority in her practice.”
— Deah W., Registered Nurse


“Soon after I began working with Julie, my energy level increased significantly, and I experienced the best winter I have had in years.”
— Kathleen K., Optometric Physician


“Unlike many ‘corporate’ medical facilities, Julie has a genuine concern and appreciation for my individual circumstance and I am confident in her advice and counsel.”
— Mary P.


“Since my visits to Julie, I have lost weight, kept it off, and lowered my blood pressure. I feel a lot healthier mind and body. I feel that I can be honest [with Julie] and not be judged.”
— Roy D.


“I have had immediate and ongoing relief from some of my most troublesome chronic problems. Consulting with Julie was the best step in the right direction.”
— R.W.


“After I was diagnosed with mercury toxicity/poisoning, I was referred to Julie for treatment. Julie was an immediate help and very knowledgeable about heavy metal poisoning and the steps to take to rid yourself of the toxicity. After starting on the plan Julie put together, I feel better each week and continue to work with Julie.”
— Brian J.