Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD has developed a highly successful protocol for diagnosis and detox of heavy metal poisoning.

Hundreds of doctors have helped thousands of patients get their health back using Wilson’s T3 therapy (or WT3 therapy) which is a special prescription thyroid medicine treatment for Wilson ‘s Thyroid Syndrome. In addition, I am using their line of safe and powerful herbal formulas.

Life Extension Foundation has a long history of introducing life saving medical discoveries and funding scientific research. Check out the online LEF Magazine.  The company also offers competitively priced Lab Tests, with no doctor’s order required.

Bryan Rosner has written excellent books on Lyme Disease and Rife Machines.

The Autism Research Institute has a very good website.

Mercury Chelation Yahoo Support Group: Frequent Dose Chelation

Articles, posted here by permission

Mercury – The Quintessential Anti-Nutrient article – pdf  by Sara Russell, PhD, NTP, and Kristin G. Homme, PE(ret.), MPP, MPH

Hair Testing for Mercury and Other Toxic Metals – article – pdf  by Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD, PE

A good article by Yasmina Ykelenstam: Antioxidants Fight Histamine Inflammation:

Eric Barker’s article on Happiness is a must read:

Happiness article, by Eric Barker  of the blog Barking Up the Wrong Tree

A good article about CBD:

CBD_article_ Russo-Introduction-to-the-Endocannabinoid-System-corr-January-2015

Lab Testing Companies

Direct Laboratory Services Discount Lab Tests, a doctor’s order not needed. Simple & Inexpensive, with Confidential Results in as little as a few days.

Ulta Lab Tests is another company that offers competitively priced lab tests.  A doctor’s order is not required.