Here are some of the most common issues Julie has nearly 20 years of experience with:


  • Autism — I have been working with families affected by Autism since 2001 and have attended many trainings through the Autism Research Institute.  I utilize the innovative and safe, all-oral protocol developed by Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD, as well as other strategies for safely helping autistic individuals, from babies to adults, attain their optimal health and functioning.


  • Attention Deficit — Individualized supplement programs to support specific areas of the brain. There are multiple nutritional and medication strategies that can significantly improve your quality of life and your ability to work and function in relationships. Also applies to the “brain fog” associated with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and post-chemo therapy memory loss.


  • Allergies — Food and environmental sensitivity and allergies are complex areas that require thorough diagnosis to treat effectively. I prefer the most detailed allergy testing available, from Cell Science Systems ALCAT Worldwide.  My patients receive the physician price on this excellent food and environmental sensitivities testing, and I can counsel you on how to best utilize the results.


  • Adrenal Support — If there is toxicity and illness in the body, the adrenal system will be the first to suffer. I utilize multiple nutrient and medication-based strategies to help with this most important glandular system.


  • Thyroid Support — Treatment with sustained release T3 and other substances, using the techniques pioneered by Dr. Denis Wilson.  Any treatment plan for your thyroid support will include the requisite adrenal support prior to starting any thyroid therapy.


  • Intravenous Vitamin C — Promotes the body’s healing as nutrients go directly into the blood.  This is basically a huge infusion of electrons which pair up free radicals to stop ongoing damage. Can be very useful in stopping a detox reaction, or a “crash” from a chemical or allergen exposure, as well as recovery from almost any injury or illness.


  • Cardiovascular Health — Using a comprehensive cardiovascular risk factor analysis I can help you heal your circulatory system; this includes determining the nutrients your body needs to excrete the toxic byproducts of metabolism.


  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement — Hormone imbalances of all kinds are a huge medical concern. I am skilled at managing these with the least cancer risk possible, helping my patients affected by these imbalances feel dramatically better.


  • Heavy Metal Detoxification — This protocol is done entirely by the patient at home using oral or transdermal supplementation, and does not usually require multiple consultations with me.  In many cases, heavy metal toxicity is the underlying issue causing other systems of the body to malfunction.


  • Lyme Disease — I design individualized, innovative strategies for this difficult problem.  My aim is to optimize your overall health through your basic treatment plan and support your immune system to assist with the Lyme eradication; I avoid using IV antibiotics, which seem to be very toxic.