Becoming a Client

The process of improving your health under my care begins when you complete several Questionnaires that concern the details of your health history.  You will access these questionnaires when you set up your on-line Patient Portal at my Electronic Health Records (EHR) provider, ChARM EHR.  Setting up your Patient Portal is easy and quick, and filling out the questionnaires is also easy to do right from your Portal.

Your completed Questionnaires will give me some of the information I need to begin to fully analyze your case. At your first appointment we will thoroughly go over the information you have provided. This in-depth review usually takes two hours and gives you the opportunity to elaborate and answer questions about the information you have provided. My aim is to get as comprehensive an understanding as possible of your particular needs so that I can determine the best protocol(s) for you.

New Patient set-up fee: There is a one-time non-refundable New Patient set-up fee of $100 (one hundred dollars).  Fifty dollars ($50) of this set-up fee will be credited towards your initial (first) consultation if this consultation takes place within four (4) months (120 days) of this payment.

* * Here is one of the Questionnaires you would complete if you wanted to become a patient. It describes in detail my availability, policies, and fees: 


When opened at your ChARM portal, this Questionnaire (and every other Questionnaire you may be asked to complete) is very easily filled out right there online (it just looks slightly different from this pdf.

During your first appointment (in-office, telephone, Skype, or FaceTime), we will create an initial strategy for attaining your good health.  I will probably recommend additional lab work which will be essential to being able to provide you with a more comprehensive protocol as we work to get to the root of your health challenges.  A follow-up appointment is necessary in most cases where additional lab work is done.  At that time we would analyze and discuss these new lab results and your response to the protocol you have followed since your first appointment.  In most cases after this follow-up, I will have enough information from which to develop the more comprehensive and detailed treatment plan than the treatment plan from your initial consultation.

Depending on how you do and what happens for you, your treatment plan will likely need adjustment over time. You will need to closely monitor your progress while following your treatment plan. To ensure that your plan is adjusted appropriately, we can follow up by e-mail, Skype, FaceTime, or telephone. For your convenience I am able to consult with you wherever you are in the world, without requiring you to visit my office.

When you are ready to start, email my office with the following information:

First name, Last name, Date of birth, Gender, Phone number, e-mail address, and Zip code.  Within 24 hours you will receive instructions on how to set up your Patient Portal.  Or call my office at (206) 760-9266 and we will set this up with you on the phone.

Visit my Questions page for more information about Electronic Health Records, the Patient Portal, and ChARM EHR.

And be sure to visit the Details About My Practice page for more information about my practice (certain requirements, fees, etc.)