It is easy for you to set up and pay for lab tests you may need from time to time. The two companies listed below offer a full line of blood and other laboratory tests.  You go to their website, navigate to the tests you need, put them in a ‘shopping cart’, enter your information, and check out.  A doctor’s or other practitioner’s order is not needed. When the website has processed your order, you will receive your prepaid Lab Order.  You will take it to the local facility that the company has designated for you based on your address.  At the facility you will have a blood draw or give a urine sample. The facility will send your sample(s) out for processing.  Depending on the test, you will receive the results in 3-10 days.

I have coordinated with the following Lab companies so that if you purchase tests through the links here, they will forward your test results directly to me in addition to sending you a copy of your test results. Both companies accept only direct payment for service and do not bill insurance.  Most insurance does not reimburse for Lab tests that were done without a lab order from a practitioner.  You will need to contact your insurance company with any questions about reimbursement under your plan.

Directlabs is a company that gives consumers direct access to a full line of diagnostic laboratory tests at competitive prices, and coordinates with local labs across the USA.

The other option we suggest is Ulta Lab Tests.  They also price their tests competitively, and coordinate with local labs across the USA.