Details About My Practice

Several Important Things To Know:

* I cannot prescribe medication or procedures, or anything that requires a prescription unless you have visited me at my Seattle office.

* I do not function as your primary care practitioner.  All of my patients are required to have their own primary care practitioner to provide their acute care, yearly physicals, etc. Although I am fully qualified to perform primary care, functioning as a primary care practitioner does not take full advantage of my unique skills: my strength lies in caring for patients with specific chronic complaints that have been misunderstood or written-off by other medical practitioners. My patients find that I take them and all of their complaints and symptoms seriously. I will pursue my investigation of your case until I can determine the best treatment plan towards bringing you to optimal health.


My consultation fees are based on how much total time is required to thoroughly review your health history and interview you.  Your cost will be for more than just the direct on-the-phone or face-to-face time.  

You will be billed for the actual time I spend on your case. This will include: the time actually talking with you; the time reviewing your previous medical history; the time reviewing any other relevant documents and test results; the time writing your treatment plan; and the time calling in prescriptions, updating your chart, and any other work required to give you the highest quality healthcare experience I possibly can.

My rate is $50 per 15 minutes, which is $200 per hour for consultation. In-office therapies, such as injections, are charged depending on the type of treatment. Phone calls lasting more than 5 minutes are prorated from my consultation rate ($50 per 15 minutes).

New Patient set-up fee: There is a one-time non-refundable New Patient set-up fee of $100 (one hundred dollars).  Fifty dollars ($50) of this set-up fee will be credited towards your initial (first) consultation if this consultation takes place within four (4) months (120 days) of this payment.

Payment is due at the time of service. We do not bill insurance, but we do provide copies of all receipts complete with all insurance codes necessary for patients to submit to their own private insurance companies for (possible) reimbursement.  It is your responsibility to contact your insurance company to find out if reimbursement is available to you for the services you receive from me.

Please note that I do not work through Medicare or Medicaid, so none of my services are reimbursable through those plans. If you are eligible for or are on Medicare and want to become a patient, you will need to fill out a Medicare Contract form that I can supply you with.